#AtoZChallenge | M is for Making a pegboard jewelry organizer.

I always have a craft project in the works. Some fail spectacularly. Others succeed, although often much differently than they originally appeared in my head. Either way, it doesn’t stop me. I love the creative process and enjoy trying new skills. Having something you made yourself is so satisfying.

It is no surprise to me that my daughters both decided on creative career paths. One is a visual artist, the other a creative writer. In the “could have, would have, and should have” of lost opportunities, I would have gotten an art degree. Not that it matters. The beauty of art is you can create it however and whenever you choose. It’s deeply personal.

And there are so many ways to express creativity. Making crafts that I can use in my home is one of the ways that I do.

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S is for Stringin’ Along with ME | Giving new life to old guitar strings.

My daughter went through a Shrinky DinksTM phase. Shrinky Dinks are sheets of plastic that can be drawn and colored on and then put in the oven where they shrink down forming a hard plastic. My daughter made me a pair of domino earrings out of the plastic sheets one year for mother’s day. I think I’m wearing them in my LinkedIn profile picture.  While I love them because they were made by my daughter, they are certainly not an environmentally friendly creation and for my letter S, I’m focusing on the opposite direction in jewelry art.

I am always in awe of recycled art and crafts people who turn discarded items into something beautiful again. I’ve been known to tackle a few recycled craft projects myself, and blogged previously about one of my creations in my post Recycled Magazine Circles Decorative Bowl. I love this stuff!

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Artascope Studios | Saltwater Etching for Copper Class

My daughter will go to art school in the fall and I am both extremely proud and extremely jealous. She will be living her art dream, while I will remain a closet artist who refers to myself as a crafter and keeps my skills in the hobby realm.

I’m actually okay with it. I’m happy that she found her passion young, and I like to think my genetics helped even if only in a small way. Certainly having a craft room and access to endless craft supplies had to have fed her artistic talents at some point along the way.

My creative outlet may be different than her path, but my love of art classes is intense and if it’s a class on something I have never tried before I am even more intrigued. When I saw that Artascope Studios was offering a Saltwater Etching for Copper class as one of their Sunday One-Day Workshops, I couldn’t sign up fast enough. I mean that literally. I think I was the first person who registered for the class.

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