#AtoZChallenge | M is for Making a pegboard jewelry organizer.

I always have a craft project in the works. Some fail spectacularly. Others succeed, although often much differently than they originally appeared in my head. Either way, it doesn’t stop me. I love the creative process and enjoy trying new skills. Having something you made yourself is so satisfying.

It is no surprise to me that my daughters both decided on creative career paths. One is a visual artist, the other a creative writer. In the “could have, would have, and should have” of lost opportunities, I would have gotten an art degree. Not that it matters. The beauty of art is you can create it however and whenever you choose. It’s deeply personal.

And there are so many ways to express creativity. Making crafts that I can use in my home is one of the ways that I do.

When you walk into our bedroom, there is a short hall with the master bathroom off to the left and an open expanse on the right. The wall on the right dips in as you approach the door to the master closet. This small indentation was the perfect underutilized spot for a jewelry organizer.

I was not wearing any of my jewelry because it was too difficult to find what I wanted, with it stashed in various spots throughout my bedroom. I made my daughter a pegboard jewelry holder a few years ago and realized I had organizational envy. It was time to make one for myself.

Project Steps

This is a super quick and easy project that doesn’t require a lot of craft skill. Below is an outline of the steps:

  1. Find Frame. Finding the perfect size frame was the longest part of the project. Frequent trips to multiple Goodwill locations finally yielded results when I found a framed picture that matched the size of my space perfectly. The picture itself was damaged and the glass cracked, but as I only needed the frame I grabbed it.
  2. Prepare Frame. I took apart the pieces, being sure to use gloves when handling the broken glass, which I recycled. I then cleaned and sanded down the frame so I could paint it later.
  3. Buy Pegboard. I measured the dimensions of the frame and headed to Lowe’s, a national home improvement store. They can cut the pegboard to the exact size you need, which saves some time.
  4. Assemble. Using heavy duty wood glue all around the inside of the frame, I attached the pegboard. Since the organizer would have to hold some weight, I used my dad’s help to reinforce it in back by nailing a strip of wood behind the pegboard. This made sure it wouldn’t slip from the frame.
  5. Embellish. I had picked up a small spice shelf at a yard sale. I planned to use it for another project that never materialized. However, it was a perfect fit for my new pegboard organizer. I glued it on to the bottom of the organizer. It was like it was meant to be.
  6. Paint. I spray painted everything, including the wire basket pegboard accessory I had purchased a fun blue. I reattached the hanging hardware and hung it on the wall.
  7. Organize Jewelry. Then I got to the fun part, cleaning and organizing my jewelry.

I walk by my jewelry organizer every day and it is a reminder of a successful craft project. I’m also wearing my jewelry more often since it’s so easy to find. I love an organized space.

Why does this bring me bliss? Arts and crafts are at the core of what brings me bliss. I am happiest creating something and this is one area that often gets pushed aside with the day to day demands of daily life. It’s something I am paying special attention to this year as I focus on bringing more bliss into my life.

Do you like to make things?

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I’m participating in a Blogging A-Z Challenge for April 2020. I will be posting new content every day this month except most Sundays. Each post is associated with a letter of the alphabet, starting with A and ending with Z. My theme for the challenge is Bliss. To read more of my A to Z posts from this year, click HERE.

14 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge | M is for Making a pegboard jewelry organizer.

  1. Shilpa Garg says:

    What a lovely jewelry organiser. My sister would love this pegboard to keep her jewelry. She keeps hers in a box and it is difficult to get the one you are looking for 😀
    You have a lovely collection of jewelry 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. dyannedillon says:

    You and I craft the same way.

    Your organizer is AWESOME! I put a couple of bulletin boards in my closet with rows of thumbtacks for hanging necklaces. Works pretty well, but I don’t have anywhere for earrings. Yours does it ALL! Sweet!

    Liked by 1 person

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