#atozchallenge | Reflections… Third Times a Charm

I am now a three-time survivor of the A to Z Blogging Challenge.  It was a little more intense for me this year since I waited until late March to make my final decision on whether or not to participate leaving my window to research, write and prep everything to only a few weeks since I like to keep April focused on all the social aspects of the challenge. April is when I spend my time visiting and commenting on other blogs not actually writing posts. Interacting with other bloggers is my favorite part of the challenge.

Click on any picture to jump to a slide show with hyperlinks to my A to Z Challenge Post associated with that image.

My goals for participating in the challenge have stayed consistent over the past three years:

  1. Expand My Content.  The challenge allows me a chance to focus on a particular topic and drill down a little deeper to expand my content in that area which is always fun.  With this year’s theme, I was able to expand my content in an area that I don’t write about as frequently.
  2. Write Consistently. My posting schedule tends to ebb and flow and the challenge is a great opportunity to re-energize and find inspiration as I work towards a more consistent writing schedule.
  3. Improve My Writing.  The intense posting schedule of the challenge is great writing practice. While I’m not sure that every post during the challenge is my best work, the opportunity to write and refine my challenge posts ultimately leads to stronger writing overall.
  4. Highlight Maine. Winters in Maine get a bad rap. They are cold and long but there is so much beauty too. It was fun to focus on this particular aspect of Maine.
  5. Connect with Other Bloggers.  This is my absolute favorite thing about the blogging challenge. Getting to meet, engage with and learn from other bloggers. Blogging can be isolating and interacting with other bloggers during the challenge makes it a little less lonely.

With my last point above in mind, I wanted to again thank all my fellow bloggers for the support and encouragement they provided during the A to Z Blogging Challenge. It always motivates me and helps me stay on track.

After the challenge, I always need a bit of a break so after a few days off, it will be time to figure out what comes next as I continue to work on expanding and growing my blog.

Did you participate in the challenge this year? Did you enjoy it?

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30 thoughts on “#atozchallenge | Reflections… Third Times a Charm

  1. sizzlesue15 says:

    What a great idea to have all the letters in your wrap up post. I really enjoyed reading your posts and learning more about beautiful Maine. I also loved connecting with you and look forward to reading your blog regularly. Well done completing 3 years in a row – you deserve a medal!

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  2. Antoinette Truglio Martin says:

    Your posts were wonderful. Great slide show-what a great idea! Thank you for your encouragement as well. I look forward to following you and Weekends in Maine.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Melanie Crouse says:

    Three time survivor! I love that wording. I also love the format of your post with the picture links. So fancy! I have truly enjoyed reading your blog and connecting with another Mainer on this challenge. You have a great thing going here, and I appreciate being able to be a part of it. Good luck! I’ll be back. Melanie’s Stories

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  4. Shalzmojo says:

    I can connect with your takings; I too explored writing about something I was very hesitant initially to do so. But I did it to expand my writing forte and am glad I did that. I also love AtoZ for the writing discipline it enforces- my stamina builds up after every such challenge and I try to do atleast 2-3 in a year.
    I loved reading about Maine – a region totally unknown to me and also connecting with you was great Karen – fist bump to the connect as you rightly said blogging can get lonely and its the readers who make all the difference

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  5. jazzfeathers says:

    Congratulation on completing the challenge, and I love that pics recap!!! Getting to the challenge in March is brave, so double congrats to you.
    Not being able to keep up with networking seems to be a refrain of this year’s challege. I suppose we all will take advantage of the Road Trip. I sure will 😉

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  6. slfinnell says:

    I never thought of a pic per link idea! That’s really cool! Your last minute idea was very inspiring in my opinion! Not sure I read each of your posts so will be catching up this coming month. Congrats on the finish!!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. JEN Garrett says:

    Yes, I did the challenge, too! Thanks for visiting, btw! One year I tried to plan out the posts ahead of time so that I could spend April visiting others’ blogs, and that was the year I almost failed the challenge. There’s just something fun for me about thinking up each post the day of or the day before. So I spend April writing the posts and then spend May visiting at my leisure. Either way, it sure is a fun Challenge!

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